Who doesn’t love chocolate?!

Not a small tiny cube piece, I’m talking the WHOLE block!

Lets get into it!

The pros:
Taste real good
health benefits (Dark chocolate)
Triggers happy hormone serotonin and endorphins
Reduces Stress (hence why everyone turns to chocolate).

Can be used during or intra pre training depending on intensity and goal.

To be conscious of:
Increases Obesity/weight gain

Increases Addiction from the sugar dose and small feeling of happiness.

Pimply skin. It is not so much the chocolate but the high sugar ingredient sebum (oil) production which is found to increase inflammatory responses within the skin causing breakout.

The high dairy and sugar content of milk or white chocolate can also trigger hormonal chances, leading to inflammation in acne-prone individuals.

Recreate habits, meaning, your watching tv, you feel like something, you head to the cupboard, you find chocolate. One piece isn’t that bad you convince yourself. the next day same thing happens again, you find your self back at the cupboard, this time you help yourself to more chocolate than the first. You start to develop a habit, so ever time you are in front of the tv, you have associated chocolate with.

One tiny piece will have you spending more time doing cardio.