For those who do not understand how to read the nutritional food labels, ingredients that may affect your physical and mental health, short and long term could be a challenge, and detrimental to your personal health.

This may be due to the amount of trust we put into food companies who have our health at there best interest right? Wrong. Food companies in this day and age, only have 1 goal and that is to have you buy, and buy and buy their product over and over again. Wether it claims to be healthy, to placing animated characters which will attract kids, it doesn’t matter.

The cute friendly animals assuming it is great for kids, making it more appealing and a sure buy.

97% less sugar? How can something so good be so low in sugar? You have to question every product that seems to good to be true.

5 Star rating indicating it has to be healthy, “little Jimmy loves chocolate hazelnut spread! This will be better for little Jimmy”. It is healthy, my kids love chocolate hazelnut spread, and it is palm free oil! Did I mention in purchasing this certain product, you will be helping the orangatangs.

Some of the key ingredients highlighted are artificial sweeteners and carbohydrates found in mass gainers! And are in a lot of processed products.

Next time you are out grocery shopping just have a look at the ingredients and see what you find.

Empower yourself with education to make better confident choices.